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Kromski Spinning Wheels and Spinning Supplies

The Kromski family has been involved in woodworking for four generations and it shows in their superb craftsmanship. They are leading the world-wide spinning wheel maket with elegant designs combined with workmanship and functionality.

Two brothers head the company. Wojtek's education is in forestry and he selects standing trees and follows the wood through the entire process. Daniel studied art and design with an emphasis on sculpture. Their love of sculpture and workmanship show in all of their products. Kromski spinning wheels have a 5-year warranty covering their craftsmanship of a wood spinning wheel.

Foothills Yarn & Fiber is a knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving shop located in Hood River, Oregon. We offer a wonderful selection of spinning products ranging from spinning wheels to spinning supplies, and more. Shop our selection of Kromski spinning wheels to find the perfect spinning wheel for sale for creating one-of-a-kind yarn.

If you are interested in purchasing a quality spinning wheel or other spinning tools and spinning supplies, we invite you to shop our selection of superior spinning wool, assorted wood spinning wheel items from the Kromski family, a vintage-style niddy noddy in a variety of sizes, 4 ounce bobbins, and fiber spinning supplies to name a few of our spinning supplies made of exceptional quality.

Whether you want to purchase any of the famous Schacht and Kromski spinning wheels on our website, quality bobbins, beautifully hand-turned threading hooks, alpaca spinning wool, classic-style niddy noddy items, and fiber spinning supplies, you are sure to find all of the spinning supplies you need here in our online store.

This is your one-stop online shop for all things having to do with knitting, crocheting, spinning yarn, and weaving. We are devoted to supplying our valued customers with nothing but the highest quality spinning supplies offered at everyday low prices. We appreciate your visit to our online store today, and we anticipate providing you with all of the knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving supplies you need for many years to come! If you visit the Hood River area of Oregon, stop in and say "Hello"!

We want to give you the best deal you can get on a Kromski spinning wheel. Free shipping in the continental US. Although we cannot sell below the manufacturer's retail price, we can offer a bonus. When you purchase a spinning wheel, choose one of the bonus items in Bonus 1, 2 or 3, depending on the price of your new spinning wheel. We will contact you to find out what you want for your bonus.

Bonus      Wheel Price
1               Up to $700
2               $701–$800
3               $801 plus

Bonus 1
(Choose one)
• Large niddy noddy plus 1 lb waste combed top
• 1 extra bobbin plus 1 lb waste combed top
• 8 oz alpaca roving plus 1/2 lb waste combed top
• 2 hrs of spinning lessons
Bonus 2
(Choose one)
• 2 extra bobbins
• 8 oz alpaca roving plus 1 lb waste combed top
• 3 lbs waste combed top
• 2 hrs of spinning lessons
Bonus 3
(Choose one)
• 2 extra bobbins plus 1/2 lb waste combed top
• 8 oz alpaca roving plus 1 extra bobbin
• 4 lbs waste combed top
• 2 hrs of spinning lessons

The Sonata
The Sonata

The Kromski Sonata has everything a spinner wants and needs in a folding wheel and has the treasured looks for which the Kromskis are now famous. Additional pictures and details will convince you that the Sonata should be your new spinning partner. Comes with a fully padded bag.

Walnut $749

Mahogany $749
Clear $749

The Symphony
The Symphony

This is the image most people have of a spinning wheel. You can picture the "ladies in waiting" gathered together in the castle spinning as a group, all on The Symphony. Additional pictures and details >>

Walnut $799
Mahogany $799
Clear $775
Unfinished $699

The Polonaise
The Polonaise

The Polonaise has the look of wheels from Scandinavia. A spinner could pay substantially more for other wheels and still not have the beauty of a Kromski spinning wheel. This wheel is a great value and it spins as well as it looks. Additional pictures and details >>

Walnut $899
Mahogany $899
Clear $849
Unfinished $799